Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Peer props

A hearty thank you to Wes Hughes, my colleague at the Sun, for mentioning "Planet Gemini" in his column on May 2. I didn't even ask him for the favor. How's that for good karma?

You can check out the column here.

I should have discounted copies of "Fertile Earth" shortly, so if you're looking for a price break, it's coming your way.

The short getaway in Big Bear Lake was nice. I managed to get about 12 pages done for the new novel. Writing on vacation is a little more difficult than I imagined, mainly because the last thing you want to do on a break is more work. But these books are actually a lot of fun. Sometimes it's difficult to decide which is more fun, taking a kayak on a massive lake or sitting in front of a fire, trying to scribble down the elements of a ghostly encounter. Decisions, decisions.

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