Friday, June 19, 2009


To everyone who has purchased "Planet Gemini" so far, or anyone who spent the time reading a borrowed copy, I deeply appreciate it. Times are tough as we all know, so the fact that people have shelled out their hard-earned cash as a show of support means a lot to me. It will not be forgotten. I still have a few personal copies left if anyone is interested in getting an autographed book.

As for the follow-up to the first novel, I am more than halfway done with the manuscript. This will be a very different book than the first because it contains very few flashback "dream" sequences and will have many different perspectives from new characters. The book is based almost entirely on Earth, though there will be some scenes on Pyla, the Yoxall colony and Gemini. Most importantly, the body count mentioned during the Gemini wars in the first book will pale in comparison to the destruction planned for Book Two.